4 Ways to Detox Everyday

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Our lives are stimulated with different pleasures and negative stresses every hour and every day. We sometimes keep up the fast pace and we burn out our bodies and minds frequently. You can help eliminate some bad habits and substitute good habits by detoxing everyday. See what you can do within a day and try all 4 within a week.

1. Filter water
We are primarily made of water and we use it everyday. Most tap water has contaminants that are harmful after long exposures so its a good idea to your filter water to be drinking. A simple water filter pitcher can do the trick for you to even taste the difference. If you drink distilled or reverse osmosis filtered water, add a pinch of pink Himalayan salt to about a liter to replenish the minerals back.

2. Avoid Plastic
There are new water bottle that are labeled as BPA-free but do you know the harmful effects it actually causes? Before we had it in every plastic thing that was made from baby bottles, food containers, water bottles and even the inside of canned foods. It is formulated to make plastics stronger and prevent metals from corroding. Now there are BPA-free labels yet this is only to be substituted with a different plastic. Some experts have claimed to harm are our hormones, the levels of our cell repair and more. It's already restricted in the EU and China in products made for babies and young children but not on all products. Try using glass as much as you can or any natural biodegradable solutions.

3. Eat Broccoli And Cruciferous Vegetables 
Cut or chop them at least 40 minutes before cooking to maximize intake of photonutrient sulforaphane, which boosts detoxifying enzymes in the liver. For the time crunch, mix cooked and raw vegetables together. Broccoli, cabbage and kale are the most popular of the cruciferous foods but you can try something new on the list. Not only does it help your liver, they also can replenish more of your gut microbes. Bring red peppers, blueberries and sweet potatoes to add color and flavor to your green meals,plus they have a lot of antioxidants. Always try to implement a healthier lifestyle to get the best source of energy from your food especially by color.

4. Social Media
We've talked about what you can do for you body but what about your mental health. Most people today look at their phones as the first and last thing each day. Count how many times you pick up the phone to get on social media and try to reduce that by 25% the next day. Don't try to limit yourself, just be conscious of how many times you do it. The more you start to notice when you reach for your phone, you might think twice about it after knowing what your doing. We all want to take a break from our stresses and we revert to social media as a hide away but in reality, the effects might be worse! You either spend more money and more time to items that are not beneficial to you. Less is more for social media, especially at night. Try to alter you habits by writing a to-do list, stretching or reading a book or magazine right before bed. This will help you fall alseep faster and relax your body to prepare you for your next day.