Excercise Tips

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Whether you are experienced or a newbie, your body always needs a change in routine. Try some of these tips to integrate into your workout.

Jump Rope
Bringing a high intensity cardio in short sprints can help define and tone your body more than you know. The easiest way to get into the skip is to jump 3-5 times with the rope and then stop. Training your eyes, hands and body will help pick up the your pace. By doing short intervals, you can build up a tolerance and your skill. Once you get into the flow, you can keep counting your skips and then transition to 30 second intervals or longer.

Isometric Holds
For these movements, you just need your own body weight to hold for 5 to 10 seconds. Some of these exercises are planks, wall squats and push ups. You would want to hold your pose for the push up at the lowest position and hold your squats at a 90 degree angle. If you have the option, using a bar try to hold your pull up with your elbows at a 90 degree angle. Doing this before your workout can help target specific muscles without overtraining.

Foam Roller
To prevent injury during a workout, try to foam roll your body in target areas to increase blood circulation. Just like a warm up and cool down, foam roll your body before and after each workout  can reduce soreness. Its a great option as a massage tool even if you aren't exercising.

Circle Stretches
Simple circular movements with your hands, arms, legs, hips and ankles are more beneficial than you would think. We either sit all day or stand up for to long and our joints are not able to get the same range of motion like when we were younger. Just 10 circle clockwise and counter clockwise can be a start. Stretch as often as you can so the body won't get locked into one range of motion. Don't limit yourself to one stagnant exercise. Your body can do a lot of miraculous things if you keep striving.